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Bernadette Kooijman No Fairytales

“What if I could make a contribution to improving people’s vegetable consumption?”

Bernadette Kooijman

Did you know that… eating behaviour is the most difficult behaviour to change?

Research from Stanford University (2016) shows that of all our ingrained habits, our eating habits are the most difficult to change. Most people do not buy healthy food, they buy what is tasty. Tofu and carrots may be very healthy, but most people still prefer hamburgers over tofu meatballs with carrots, right? Let’s be honest…

No Fairytales Groentetortillas

Simple steps to better health. For real. No Fairytales

Healthy living is the basis of a long, positive and happy life. We believe you can eat slightly healthier without the need to radically change your eating behavior.
No Fairytales develops tastier products by enriching everyday food products with a substantial amount of vegetables. Simple steps towards a healthier diet. For real. No Fairytales.

What makes our tortillas different?

Vegetables in every tortilla
Less calories
Recommended daily amount of fiber per tortilla
Vegan tortillas
Carrot Tortilla
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Our vegetable tortillas consist of 45% vegetables and are a source of fibers. When eating two tortillas you already get 14% of the recommended daily amount of vegetables. The vegetables used in our tortillas give a nice extra flavor to the product as well as a bright color!

Available in Carrot, Beetroot, and Bell Pepper-Chili